II. Uluslararası Tarla Bitkileri Kongresi


As well known, Field Crops are one of the most important sources of Crop Production. The reason for this is that they are the  most important products meeting the basic needs of people such as nutrition, clothing, shelter and treatment are Field Crops.

Field Crops are products that add flavor, smell, color, pleasure and health to our lives, as a spice, as a herbal tea, as a dye, as a perfume, as a medicine, as a pleasure plant, as well as being a source of food and energy. Paper is not only derived from forest products; for example, hemp and kenaf as Field Crops are sources of cellulose in paper production.

Field Crops are the staple food of not only humans but also farm animals. As a result, the development of Turkish Agriculture and Agricultural Industry is largely dependent on Field Crops Agriculture, and Field Crops Cultivation is carried out in 83% of agricultural areas.

Depending on the fact that the need for food will increase in the future, agricultural production will have a strategic importance in International Relations, like water and oil. For this reason, everything from the Research-Development stage to the marketing of the production should be planned, the import of agricultural products should be reduced and sustainable agricultural production should be realized.

The National Field Crops Congress, traditionally organized by the Field Crops Departments of the Faculties of Agriculture in different cities of our country, will be held between September 29 - October 02 this year as the 2nd International Field Crops Congress 2022 by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University Faculty of Agriculture, Field Crops Department and Field Crops Science Association.

We will be pleased to host all academicians working in the field of Field Crops, institutions and organizations operating in this field in Rize, the Capital Town of Tea.

Poster and oral presentations will be presented in the fields of Cereals, Industrial Plants, Meadow Pasture and Forage Crops, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Edible Grain Legumes.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emine YURTERİ
Conference Chairman